One-stop Manufacturing

Get Close to Our Factory

Curious about how your swimming and diving equipment are produced? The following procedure allows you to look closely at our one-stop factory.

Our dedicated manufacturing experts prioritize quality control and make an effort to inspect every detail from start to end. We guarantee that all the products you receive are defect-free and within the international inspection standard.

Meticulous Material Inspection

We work with a reliable material supplier and have built long-term cooperation with them. The quality of all materials needed for swimming and diving equipment production is guaranteed.

After finishing the sourcing, our experts will process meticulous inspection to secure the materials to be in good condition.

High-precision Molding

After entirely knowing your requirements, our in-house design and engineering experts start precise molding.

Our specialists have years of experience in swimming and diving gear production and are capable of constructing a mold within days.

Efficient Mass Production

The equipment with industry-leading CNC, co-injection and screen printing technology allows us to process high-efficiency manufacturing.

Our advanced machines allow for high production volume and excellent equipment performance. In addition, the cost and time are greatly minimized, which makes us more competitive.

Rigorous Product Inspection

Our seasoned quality control experts will carefully check the products when the massive production is finished. The appearance, performance, and properties are guaranteed to be in good condition and comply with your expectations.

Protective Package

The finished products are fully packaged by our experienced adepts. We provide tailored packaging solutions for different types of products.

We promise that we will deliver all the swimming and diving gear to you without any damage.

Final Entire Inspection

After the package is completed, we will conduct the final quality control to secure the goods are perfect and satisfactory.

Vanguard is committed to the customer-centric and supplying the highest quality products to you.

Packing and Shipment

When the equipment and package are secured to be of standard quality, our professionals will pack the goods appropriately. Then the shipment will be arranged without hassle.