About Vanguard

About Us

Since 1993, Vanguard has been devoted to helping small individual & mega business to start up and expand swimming products lines.

Vanguard Makes You Different

As a one-stop factory, we can provide you with the best swimming and diving gear under the most stringent quality standards. The whole manufacturing process can be successfully completed by our professionals. OEM and ODM services enjoy great popularity with our different business partners.

Partner with Vanguard, and you will have a different purchasing experience. You can start our collaboration with a patient and professional quotation. Then your detailed demand will be taken down and proceeded with advanced design, molding, and production.

Go Safe and Eco-friendly

What makes Vanguard trusted by our long-term cooperating partners is that all materials we use in production are food-grade and environmentally friendly. As a result, we can promise that all the products you purchase do not harm your health and the ecosystem.

In addition, our swimming and diving equipment has the property of high durability due to our top-notch technologies. It is more sustainable and contributes to protecting the environment.

What Are We Committed to?


We endeavor to build an international brand and create a one-stop factory that serves worldwide businesses.

Core Value

We prioritize satisfying your needs and supplying the most comprehensive and delicate swimming and diving equipment.


The mission to arouse more people's interest in water sports drives Vanguard to move forward.

About the Brand

With over 30 years’ focus on manufacturing water sports products, we built the brand Vanguard. However, our responsibility goes beyond finishing a project. Your experience and satisfaction are our priority, and our experts have been trying to build a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Vanguard is devoted to making swimming and snorkeling safer, more comfortable, convenient, and wonderful. Our team consists of professional consultants, knowledgeable design and engineering specialists, and seasoned manufacturing staff that can give according to solutions and assistance to your tailored project.