Custom Freediving Mask

To support your freediving equipment project, we supply a wide selection of masks for your choice. Welcome to tell us your custom concepts.





Freediving Mask

Available Popular Freediving Masks

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Personalized Freediving Masks for Your Business

There is no limit to custom freediving mask options in Vanguard. You can set your products apart from others with unique designs. If you have a specific idea, we can turn it to design.

Performance of Freediving Mask

If you would like innovation, you can order our well-designed full-face snorkel mask, which has the property of improving your safety with a new inhale and exhaust system. And the foldable snorkel can save more storage.

Material of Freediving Mask

The lens can be made from tempered glass or polycarbonate to create a transparent and expansive vision. And the strap can be customized using silicone or PVC materials. All the materials we use to make a diving mask are guaranteed to be sustainable and not harm your health.

a black and green color full face snorkel mask

We Always Pursue Quality-oriented

To create premium and satisfactory freediving gear, our dedicated experts pay much attention to every quality detail.

Food-grade Silicone

We adopt soft, safe, and food-grade silicone to make the skirt of our freediving masks. Even little kids can use them without concern.

UV & Glare Protection

After specialized processing, the lens will have UV and glare protection. Besides, there are reflective coatings to help the vision.

Good Color Matching

The colors of our freediving masks perfectly fit your ideals. You will have access to pleasing aesthetics without any risk of fading.

Adjustment & Fit

We made the freediving masks flexible with adjustable straps to fit different faces. Such design allows divers to be comfortable underwater.

Four Steps to Customize

Specify Your Needs

Tell our sales representatives the details of your project and we will work out how to tackle your vision.

Match Custom Options

Send us your logo, desired Panton color, pattern, etc., and we will find the best matching solution.

Instant Prototyping

Our experienced design capability allows us to make a sample within 7-15 days.

Sample Approval

After finishing the prototyping, we will send you samples without hassle. And you can check the details and give us some feedback.