Custom Diving Fin

Our premium diving fins are made from lightweight and comfortable carbon material, and the quality is trusted by our business partners.





Snorkeling Fin

Available Popular Diving Fins

Personalized Diving Fins for Your Business

There is no limit to custom snorkeling flipper options in Vanguard. You can set your products apart from others with unique designs. If you have a specific idea, we can turn it to design.

Blade Design of Snorkeling Fin

We provide diving fins with flexible blades to improve the divers’ kicking effectiveness and reduce fatigue. Different blade designs are accessible to be customized.

Size of Snorkeling Fin

Our cutting-edge production technology can ensure your bespoke diving fins with precise size. With our well-fit snorkeling flippers, you can freely and safely dive underwater.

black color snorkel fins
freediving fins

We Always Pursue Quality-oriented

To create premium and satisfactory snorkeling gear, our dedicated experts pay much attention to every quality detail.

Lightweight Material

Our snorkeling fins are made from premium and light materials like carbon fiber, making maneuvering easier.

Flexible & Efficient

The design of the fins' blades enhances the kick stability and minimizes the tiresome kicking efforts underwater.

Good Color Matching

All snorkeling fins are waterproof and highly sealed. And we can guarantee the leak-proof property.

Strong Sealing Property

All diving snorkels are waterproof and highly sealed. And we can guarantee the leak-proof property.

Four Steps to Customize

Specify Your Needs

Tell our sales representatives the details of your project and we will work out how to tackle your vision.

Match Custom Options

Send us your logo, desired Panton color, pattern, etc., and we will find the best matching solution.

Instant Prototyping

Our experienced design capability allows us to make a sample within 7-15 days.

Sample Approval

After finishing the prototyping, we will send you samples without hassle. And you can check the details and give us some feedback.