Swimming and
Diving Safety Equipment
Manufacturer Manufacturer

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing swimming, snorkeling, and freediving equipment, Vanguard has rich expertise in standard quality inspection. Additionally, OEM and ODM are accessible in Vanguard for your specific projects.

Broad Range of Swimming and Diving Equipment

Our in-house manufacturing capability allows us to support your swimming and diving equipment projects with premium selections.

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Swimming Goggles

Good properties of leak-proof and comfort. Anti-fog, UV protection, and scratch-resistant lenses are accessible.

Swim Vest

You have access to customize swim vests that apply to people of different ages.

Swimming Cap

Your ideal caps of high resilience and durability. Suitable for different temperatures underwater.


A full range of well-stitching swimwear is available. Choose the preferable style.


There are kickboards of various shapes and sizes, allowing for a universal fit and great training aid.


Strong resistance to UV and protect you from burning. Our experts can tailor it to your needs.
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Diving Mask

The diving mask can perfectly fit the face with an adjustable strap and low profile.

Snorkeling Fin

Made for lightweight materials, our snorkeling fins greatly improve the efficiency and kick stability.

Full Face Mask

The snorkeling full-face mask boasts the inhale and exhaust channel system for safe.


Personalize your wetsuits of different types and thicknesses to make a proper fit.


The self-draining mouthpieces prevent water from entering the top, making it easy to clear water.

Snorkeling Set

Match the snorkeling gear according to your needs. And we provide optimal packaging solutions.
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Freediving Mask

The most suitable internal volume results in comfort, clear vision, and a wonderful experience.

Freediving Snorkel

The collapsible freediving snorkel significantly improves efficiency and saves storage.

Freediving Fin

Our in-house engineering team has rich know-how about the structure of the fin's blade.

Tailored Solutions Tailored Solutions
for Your Business

We provide targeted and constructive solutions for different businesses to facilitate your sale.

For Brand Owner

With over 30 years of experience in swimming and diving equipment production, we can quickly know your ideas and take them to life.

  • One stop OEM Service
  • Matured ODM Expertise
  • Stringently Controlled Quality
  • Reliable Supply and Shipment

For E-commerce & Wholesalers

As a one-stop manufacturer, we can control every step from start to end. So even if you have a specific requirement, we can fully satisfy you.

  • Capacity of 1,000,000/ Month
  • No MOQ for Ordering In-stock
  • Fast Shipment within 30 days
  • Extensive Ranges

For Hypermarkets

Vanguard prioritizes customer-centric service and is committed to providing optimal solutions to support your projects.

  • 3-5 Years of Useful Life
  • Selective Equipment Ranges
  • Regular Product Update
  • Instant and Effective Service

Our Capability Goes Far Beyond the Followings

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Make Your Brand Stand Out

With rich expertise and know-how, our design and engineering team possess the ability to help enhance your brand and make your sale more accessible and quicker.

From the production of the product to the design of outer package and beyond, we can help you to separate from other competitors.

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Support Your Project with Stable Supply

We have established a mutually beneficial and reliable cooperation with our material supplier. Our own factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and seasoned adepts. As a result, we can secure the goods to be delivered within 30 days.

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Keep Updating Our Product Library

Our marketing team specializes in analyzing trends in the swimming and diving equipment market. Then the R & D department will undertake the design. Partnering with us allows you to benefit from the modern product library and get more chances.

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Control Quality Under Industry's Standard

There is systematic quality inspection training in Wave. Our manufacturing staff are familiar with the inspection standard abroad like ISO9001 and meticulously process the quality control in raw materials, manufacturing and packaging.

Trusted by Our Partners

Vanguard has built long-term cooperation with hundreds of businesses around the world. Our services and possibilities are unlimited to support every swimming and diving project.

How to Collaborate with Vanguard

Specify your requirements regarding pattern, performance, quality, etc., and our professionals will offer you the optimal OEM, ODM or OBM solutions.


After listening to your needs, the prototyping will be processed without hassle. The delivery time of samples is 7-15 days.

Prototyping & Sample Approval

Once the sample is approved, our seasoned adepts will start the mass production. You can have access to know the real-time manufacturing situation.

Bulk Production

Besides inspecting the quality of raw materials, we monitor the condition of goods after production is finished.

Quality Inspection

After confirming all the goods are in perfect condition, we will pack them properly and securely. Then our professionals will arrange the instant shipment.

Packing and Shipping

Certifications for Guarantee

Our swimming and diving equipment is certified by commonly recognized organizations in the industry.

ISO 9001



Spare No Effort to Help Your Business

Our robust team consists of insightful market analysts, specialized designers, and seasoned, qualified swimming and diving equipment experts. Our goal goes far beyond providing you with custom solutions. We never stop brainstorming and updating the current product library.

Vanguard is committed to helping leave a deep impression on your customers with our dedicated and comprehensive services. Your satisfaction is the most powerful motivation that drives us to move forward. Building the most prominent water sports equipment factory is our ongoing pursuit.

Endless Possiblities for Every Business

Rather than just a manufacturer, Vanguard’s mission is to bring endless fun in water-activities to everyone & everywhere, powering your brand & business to the next level.