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Are Full Face Snorkel Masks Better? When to Use?

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Are full face snorkel masks better? Many snorkelers ponder this question when considering their gear options. Understanding when to use these masks is crucial for optimizing your underwater experience. Offering enhanced comfort and a wider field of vision, full face snorkel masks excel in calm, clear waters and shallow reef exploration. Whether you’re leisurely swimming in warm tropical locations or participating in organized snorkeling tours, these masks provide convenience and ease of use. But are they truly superior? Let’s delve deeper into the benefits and considerations of full face snorkel masks designed by professional diving mask manufacturer to determine their suitability for your aquatic adventures.

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What Are Full Face Snorkel Masks?

Full face snorkel masks are innovative pieces of snorkeling equipment that cover the entire face, allowing for natural breathing through both the mouth and nose. These masks have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their ability to provide users with an expansive, 180-degree field of vision, a substantial improvement over the limited viewing range of traditional masks.

Different types of full face snorkel masks cater to various preferences and requirements, providing options for individuals seeking specific features and functionalities based on their needs.

  • Wireless System: Some full face snorkel masks come equipped with wireless communication systems, allowing users to stay connected with their fellow snorkelers or diving partners underwater.
  • Anchored System: The anchored system in full face snorkel masks ensures a secure fit and seal, providing users with peace of mind while exploring underwater environments.
  • Push to Talk System: Certain models feature a push-to-talk system that enables clear communication between snorkelers, enhancing the overall experience during group excursions.
  • Voice Activated Communication System: Innovative full face snorkel masks incorporate voice-activated communication systems, offering convenience and ease of use for communicating while submerged.
  • Surface System: Full face snorkel masks with surface systems are designed to facilitate effortless breathing and reduce fogging issues, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experience for users.

Pros of Full Face Snorkel Masks

Full face snorkel masks offer a range of benefits that enhance the snorkeling experience, making them a popular choice for casual underwater exploration.

Pros of Full Face Snorkel Masks
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It Provides 180° / 360° Panoramic Underwater

Full face snorkel masks provide an expansive, panoramic view of the underwater world, offering an immersive and captivating experience. The wide field of vision allows snorkelers to observe marine life and underwater landscapes with remarkable clarity and detail.

It Has Built-in Dry Top Snorkel System

These innovative masks incorporate a built-in dry top snorkel system, which prevents water from entering the breathing tube when submerged. This feature ensures that snorkelers can breathe comfortably without the inconvenience of water entering the mask.

It Reduces Fogging and Leaking Issues

Full face snorkel masks significantly reduce fogging and leaking issues commonly associated with traditional snorkeling equipment. This improvement in visibility and comfort enhances the overall snorkeling experience, allowing users to focus on enjoying their surroundings without disruptions.

It Ensures a Secure Fit and Seal

Full face snorkel masks are designed to provide a secure fit and seal, ensuring that the mask remains in place during underwater exploration. This feature is essential for maintaining comfort and preventing water from entering the mask, allowing snorkelers to focus on their surroundings without disruptions.

It Helps Those With Claustrophobia

Full face snorkel masks offer a solution for individuals who experience claustrophobia when using traditional snorkeling equipment. The spacious design and unrestricted breathing provided by full face snorkel masks alleviate feelings of confinement and discomfort often associated with conventional masks. This feature enables individuals with claustrophobia to engage in underwater exploration with greater ease and confidence, enhancing their overall snorkeling experience.

Moreover, the wide field of vision and natural breathing capabilities of full face snorkel masks contribute to a more relaxed and open environment, further assisting those with claustrophobia in feeling at ease while submerged. Studies have highlighted the benefits of these masks in providing a comfortable and accommodating experience for individuals prone to claustrophobic sensations, emphasizing their role in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in snorkeling activities.

Cons of Full Face Snorkel Masks

While full face snorkel masks offer numerous advantages, they also come with some drawbacks that snorkelers should consider before use.

It May Limit Peripheral Vision

One of the potential drawbacks of full face snorkel masks is their tendency to limit peripheral vision. Unlike traditional masks, which allow for a wide range of vision, full face snorkel masks may restrict the wearer’s ability to see objects or movements in their peripheral surroundings. This limitation could impact situational awareness and hinder the overall snorkeling experience.

It Is Potential for CO2 Buildup

Another concern associated with full face snorkel masks is the potential for CO2 buildup within the mask. Studies have shown that prolonged use of these masks can lead to an accumulation of carbon dioxide, which may cause discomfort and pose health risks to users. Proper ventilation and regular breaks are essential to mitigate this issue and ensure a safe snorkeling experience.

It Risks Leakage Causing Water to Enter the Mask

Full face snorkel masks are susceptible to leakage, especially if not properly fitted or maintained. Inadequate sealing or damage to the mask can result in water seeping into the breathing chamber, causing discomfort and disrupting snorkeling activities. Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial to prevent leakage and ensure a seamless underwater adventure.

It Is Hard to Equalize Pressure in the Ears

Full face snorkel masks present a challenge when it comes to equalizing pressure in the ears. Unlike traditional masks that allow for easy access to the nose for equalization, full face snorkel masks cover the entire face, limiting the ability to pinch the nose and blow gently to equalize ear pressure. This can be particularly problematic for individuals who are prone to ear discomfort or have difficulty equalizing pressure while diving underwater.

Furthermore, high-quality full-face masks are designed with features such as a dual vent system that prevents fogging and allows for natural breathing, but they may not offer the same ease of pressure equalization as traditional masks.

It Isn’t Suitable for Exercise

Full face snorkel masks are not suitable for exercise activities such as swimming laps or engaging in vigorous underwater workouts. The design of these masks, which covers the entire face and restricts movement during intense physical activity, limits their suitability for exercise-related aquatic endeavors. Additionally, their larger size and bulkier build compared to traditional snorkeling gear make them less conducive to swift movements and streamlined performance in water-based fitness activities.

When to Use Full Face Snorkel Masks? Do & Don’t

Full face snorkel masks are designed to enhance the snorkeling experience in specific aquatic environments, providing users with convenience and comfort. Understanding when to use these masks is essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable underwater adventure.

When to Use Full Face Snorkel Masks
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Do Use When

Snorkeling in Calm and Clear Water

Full face snorkel masks are ideal for snorkeling in calm and clear water conditions. The wide field of vision and natural breathing capabilities offered by these masks enable snorkelers to explore tranquil underwater settings with ease and confidence.

Exploring Shallow Reefs and Marine Life

When venturing into shallow reefs or observing marine life, full face snorkel masks offer an immersive experience, allowing users to observe their surroundings with remarkable clarity. The panoramic view provided by these masks enhances the exploration of vibrant marine ecosystems, making them well-suited for such aquatic activities.

Swimming in Warm Tropical Locations

In warm tropical locations, where the water is calm and inviting, full face snorkel masks provide an excellent option for leisurely swimming and underwater discovery. The comfortable fit and unrestricted breathing facilitated by these masks contributes to a relaxing and enjoyable experience in tropical aquatic environments.

Participating in Snorkeling Tours or Excursions

During organized snorkeling tours or excursions, full face snorkel masks can enhance the overall experience by offering convenience and ease of use. Their ability to provide a wide field of vision and reduce fogging issues makes them suitable for group activities focused on exploring diverse underwater landscapes.

Don’t Use When

You Are an Advanced Diver

For advanced divers engaging in more complex diving activities, traditional dive equipment is recommended over full face snorkel masks. These masks are not designed for deep diving or advanced underwater exploration, as they lack the specialized features required for such endeavors.

Pursuing Adventure in Rough Seas

When embarking on adventures in rough seas or challenging water conditions, it is advisable to opt for traditional snorkeling gear instead of full face snorkel masks. The design of these masks may not be well-suited for navigating turbulent waters, making them less suitable for such adventurous aquatic pursuits.

Is Full Face Mask Better for Snorkeling?

Yes, a full-face mask can be better for snorkeling due to its advantages. It offers enhanced comfort by covering the entire face and enables easier breathing through both the nose and mouth without needing a separate mouthpiece. With a wider field of vision, it enhances underwater exploration. While fit, fogging, and potential leakage can vary among models and individuals, for many, the convenience and comfort outweigh these concerns. Therefore, a full-face mask is often preferred for its ease of use and immersive experience while snorkeling.

Tips for Using Full Face Snorkel Masks

When using full face snorkel masks, it’s essential to consider several tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience. These tips encompass proper usage, maintenance, and environmental considerations that contribute to maximizing the benefits of these innovative pieces of equipment.

Ensure Proper Fit and Seal

Before embarking on a snorkeling adventure with a full face snorkel mask, it is crucial to ensure that the mask fits securely and forms a tight seal around the face. This step is essential for preventing water from entering the mask and maintaining clear visibility underwater. Checking the straps for snugness and adjusting them as needed can help achieve an optimal fit, enhancing comfort and safety during snorkeling activities.

Practice Breathing Techniques

Acclimating to breathing through both the mouth and nose while wearing a full face snorkel mask is vital for users transitioning from traditional snorkeling gear. Practicing breathing techniques in shallow waters or calm environments allows individuals to familiarize themselves with the natural breathing capabilities of these masks, promoting confidence and relaxation during underwater exploration.

Conduct Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of full face snorkel masks is necessary to ensure their longevity and performance. Rinsing the mask thoroughly with fresh water after each use helps remove saltwater residue and debris, preserving its clarity and functionality. Additionally, inspecting the mask for any signs of damage or wear ensures that it remains in optimal condition for future snorkeling adventures.

Choose Suitable Snorkeling Locations

Selecting suitable locations for using full face snorkel masks contributes to a positive experience. Opting for calm, clear waters with minimal currents enhances visibility and ease of navigation while wearing these masks. Avoiding areas with rough seas or turbulent conditions minimizes potential risks associated with restricted peripheral vision and CO2 buildup, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outing.

Take Breaks When Needed

During extended use of full face snorkel masks, taking regular breaks above water level is essential for refreshing air circulation within the mask. This practice mitigates the risk of CO2 buildup and discomfort, promoting respiratory comfort throughout the snorkeling excursion.


In conclusion, the suitability of full face snorkel masks ultimately depends on various factors such as personal preference, snorkeling environment, and individual needs. While they offer advantages like enhanced comfort, wider field of vision, and ease of use in specific conditions, they also come with considerations such as peripheral vision limitation and potential CO2 buildup. Understanding when to use these masks, such as in calm waters or shallow reef exploration, allows snorkelers to maximize their benefits. Ultimately, whether full face snorkel masks are better depends on how well they align with your snorkeling goals and preferences.


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